Ten of the Most Common Safety Violations

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Although OSHA releases their top 10 most mentioned workplace safety incidents yearly, they don’t change significantly with each new list. If you take note of the workplace statistics, you may feel a little overwhelmed at the information. Taking a firm but simple approach to workplace safety is best and recommended by the deputy director of OSHA’s Directorate of Enforcement Programs. He recommends leveraging the top 10 list as a way to compare against your workplace environment. Would these hazards be present in your work environment? Using...

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Top 5 Insurance Products All Startups Must Have

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Start-up companies are popping up quickly in today’s fast-paced world and entrepreneurs often find that they’ve forgotten to get essential business insurance to protect their company. While the owner may tell the board that the business has an insurance policy, this doesn’t mean that the company has the insurance needed. Every company needs insurance that is both adequate and optimized. To get started, business owners should take these five forms of protection into consideration: 1. Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) Insurance Coverage...

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Workplace Safety Principles You Can Count On

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As a leading manufacturer Boeing offers a great example of putting workplace safety into practice. And Boeing has come a long way from the early days of ergonomics. Boeing has a security vision that is rooted in their company culture. The company has core beliefs for their product safety and security. Boeing has an office safety initiative, “Go for no– One day at a time”. It has four primary concepts used to structure everything done. The primary priority is human life and health, taking action to promote these goals. In addition to efforts...

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Diesel Exhaust Dangers

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Equipment that runs on diesel is quite common in a number of industries. This includes construction sites, mining, farming, maritime and several other such sectors. Workers in these areas are exposed to a great deal of carcinogen exhausts from such machinery. This is typically in the case where machines are not properly handled and maintained. Emissions from such equipment are made of “Diesel Particulate Matter”. ,This is a substance that “is made of soot and is comprised majorly of metallic particles, ash, carbon, silicates and sulfates”...

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What to Know About Safety & Legalized Pot

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Because cannabis legalization is expanding across the United States, many companies are concerned about how to go about drug testing their employees. They are also quite concerned about workplace safety. (As you may know, cannabis or “pot” is legal in some form or another in 28 states as well as our capital, Washington DC.) Each state’s laws regarding marijuana legalization are different, making it difficult for companies to know how to manage their employees when it comes to marijuana usage by employees and location. (This can be especially...

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Time to Review Your Employee Handbook?

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Many issues face a company when they are bringing on employees. These include basic pay, family and sick leave, as well as general employee welfare. These are critical issues but having and reviewing an employee handbook is also important. Largely how often you review your employee manual is a function of how large your firm is. The more employees you have, the more often you should review it. (Make sure it is relevant and accurate to your company’s current situation.) In fact, one of the key things you need to do is to ensure your employee...

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The Hazards of Scaffolding

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Structure scaffolding for work projects could provide many serious threats to employees. Inning accordance with OSHA, injuries connected to scaffolds include falls, tip-overs, being struck by falling tools, and entering contact with energized high-voltage line. To ideal stay secure while building as well as using scaffolding, OSHA recommends a selection of tips: Always utilize footings that are level, rigid as well as able to sustain lots without settling or moving. Securely plumb and also support tools in order to help protect against...

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Wrongful Termination

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Although many states are fire-at-will states, there may be circumstances that allow legal action to proceed against employers. For example, a firm that appears to adhere to a plan of progressive discipline actions prior to terminating staff members and then terminates an employee while failing to following that plan can be putting themselves in legal danger. In one example of this, the California Appellate Court ruled that the employees claim could proceed even though the company was a fire-at-will company. Proceedings in other states have...

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Separating Truth From Fiction With Employees

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Philip Maltin, who was discussing the ways of spotting liars at the Society for Human Resource Management’s Skill Monitoring Conference & Exposition, began by explaining how we can misread some signs when trying to spot liars in the workplace. According to Maltin, if someone folds her arms, fails to look you in the eye, and keeps massaging the back of their neck depicting nervousness and stress, it’s not mandatory that they are lying. Maltin feels that body movement of a person is just one of many cues that help us to understand whether...

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Protect Against Excavation & Trench Hazards

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According to the American Federation of State, County as well as Community Staff members, one of the typical hazards associated with excavation or trenching job is cave-ins. Individuals bearing the highest risk of getting seized in a collapse include but not limited to: a) Workers who repair utility lines like sewer, water, and others b) Roadway building contractors and also c) People who actively participate in digging. Statistics by the American Federation Of State, County And Municipal Employees (AFSCME) indicate that slides or collapses...

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