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Workplace Safety & Corporate Culture Go Hand in Hand

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Small-business owners rely on strong employees. The challenge for nearly all is finding strong employees, to begin with. Today firms of all sizes are using creative strategies for attracting and retaining great talent. For many, this means unique vacation incentives and other tantalizing packages, yet often-overlooked is simply creating a safe work environment. A safe environment promotes well-being and productivity. Insurance veteran David Quezada says it is important for management to prioritize safety. This protecting the workplace, staff, and any visitors. Mr. Chris Edmonds, the founder...

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Why Safety Issues Go Unreported

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Most people go to work expecting a safe workplace. OSHA messages abound recommending safety tips and encouraging reporting of safety issues. Despite this, a large number of incidents occur each year, sometimes serious. To explain this, two groups conducted studies into workplace safety. The studies each reached a similar result: the solution to workplace safety lay in proper supervision. The first study, conducted by the National Safety Council, was published in volume 45 of the Journal of Safety and Security. This study discovered a large number of younger employees unwilling to report...

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Supervisors Are Responsible for Safety

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Supervisors have a lot to keep track of. Management means more than assigning work. Managers maintain a list of responsibilities affecting workplace safety. Effective supervisors create safe environments through action and training. Staff trained to spot and report safety issues create a safer environment. To promote a safe environment for industry, apply the following methods to the workplace: Staff Training Encourage staff to locate hazards, maintain awareness, and perform work safely. Train staff on any protective equipment necessary, and label all steps for emergency response. Ensure...

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Active Shooter Preparedness

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The recent shooting in Vegas is a grim reminder: active shooter scenarios occur all too often. According to the Department of Homeland security, over 1500 workplace shootings happen in the past year. Many of these shooters are on destructive paths, bent on hurting as many people as possible. The National Safety Council recommends active shooter preparedness become part of workplace safety plans. These strategies can help workers survive an active shooter: 1. Run Run as quickly as possible. Take the opportunity and encourage others to as well. There may be active gunfire. Avoid any...

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Addressing Digital Eyestrain

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Too much computer, phone, or e-reader use may harm your vision. Computer Vision Syndrome (also referred to as digital or electronic eyestrain) results from prolonged use of electronic devices. This concerns the average American worker who according to the American Optometry Association averages seven hours per day using a computer or electronic device. CVS has many painful symptoms. You may experience a single symptom or any combination. Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome include: Eyestrain Migraines Dry eyes Blurry vision Head, neck, and shoulder pain Vision loss, and more Poor lighting,...

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Workplace Violence is On The Rise: What You Can Do

Posted by on Sep 21, 2017 in Workplace Safety | Comments Off on Workplace Violence is On The Rise: What You Can Do

News of disgruntled employees seeking revenge against employers and coworkers is on the rise. More and more, employees use violence and deadly force at the workplace. News of workplace violence appears almost daily in the headlines or on social media. Based on real or perceived wrongs, employees use violence at work to settle their scores. What We Can Do Aggressive behavior often takes time to build. Employees becoming agitated will usually begin to show warning signs. Warning signs may include: Trouble with coworkers or supervisors Domestic problems spilling into the workplace Substance...

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