Workplace Safety

Active Shooter Preparedness

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Preparing Your Workplace for an Active Shooter It’s heartbreaking to acknowledge that violence in the workplace occurs. According to the CDC more than 15,000 employees became a workplace homicide victim over the last 20 years. Four-fifths of these injuries were a result of gunfire. It’s difficult to imagine something like this would occur where you work. Yet nearly half of all shooting incidents take place in commercial locations. Survivors of active shooting incidents have successfully sued their companies for neglect in not offering defensive training on how to handle such situations....

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5 Workplace Safety Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compels employers to ensure that their employees’ working environment and conditions are safe and free of any apparent dangers. Workplace safety inevitably requires strict training and inspections in order to be effective, as well as complete adherence to all the regulations and rules that are set in place. Most workplace accidents and ailments are able to be prevented by following strict protocols and safety plans. Employers should never ignore their staff taking shortcuts that compromise the health and safety of their day-to-day...

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Top 10 Workplace Safety Guidelines

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A safe workplace is a function of how the management and workers of an establishment adhere to and communicate safety standards. Workplace safety is not all about policies and practice guidelines alone. Strong workplace safety is built around encouraging employees to identify unsafe behaviors and recognize opportunities for improvement. This will help them make well-informed safety decision while discharging their duties. Below are Top 10 Workplace Safety Guidelines Each Employee Must Know to help you create a safe working environment centered on shared responsibility: Be Aware of your...

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Managing Occupational Stress

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Stress is present in nearly any workplace. Daily challenges, deadlines, overtime and more can create short-term stress. For many, this short-term stress can evolve into harmful, long-term occupational stress. For an increasing number of Americans, long-term occupational stress poses serious risks to their mental, physical, and emotional well being. Several studies by the American Psychological Association (APA) support this. In a 2012 study on stress, 65% of respondents reported their occupation as a leading cause of stress. A 2013 survey by the same organization found chronic occupational...

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WS – Managing Workplace Stress

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Feeling a little frazzled at work? You’ve got company. Americans are dealing with increasing levels of stress in the workplace at the cost of their health. Some of it makes sense; after all, we’ve got a reputation for being workaholics. Of all those offered vacation days each year, only around half report taking any. Many employees also work weekends and overtime on a regular basis, leaving little time for decompression. A 2014 study spearheaded by NPR revealed over half of American employees suffer from occupational stress in a given year. Of those, 1 in 5 reported suffering a great deal of...

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Place Safety First and Avoid Injuries in the Workplace

Posted by on Dec 25, 2017 in Workplace Safety | Comments Off on Place Safety First and Avoid Injuries in the Workplace

This past year, employees across the nation suffered debilitating injuries in the workplace. For many, injuries led to amputation and permanent disability. For other, their injuries led to death. After any workplace accident, questions arise about fault, and if future accidents are preventable. In the worst cases, companies place profits above people with often disastrous consequences. A recently published study in the Journal of Accounting and Economics highlights the correlation between profit and injury. Utilizing OSHA statistics and earnings information, the results are a bit unsettling....

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